• EventPath®ConnectTM

Synced Connectivity Beyond the Convention Center

Never before has connectivity throughout a destination played such an integral part of event planning. That’s why we are proud to offer a cutting-edge service that extends a show’s real-time environment. Connect is the new approach to delivering communication solutions that connect the convention center network to resources located at surrounding hotels and venues on a permanent basis. The ability to connect the convention center network to resources located at other surrounding hotel properties opens up solutions that have never been available before.

Connect is the key to overcoming many of the logistic issues inherent to the event industry. It creates a communication network focused around the convention center. It delivers connectivity that allows show organizers, exhibitors and attendees to streamline communication. A solution ranges from wired, wireless and mobile components and is completely customizable and scalable to an event’s requirements.


Our EventPath®ConnectTM networks offer:

Remote registration

Extends convention space to off-site venues

Demo extensions

WiFi and Mobile solutions

Marketing and sponsorship opportunities

EventPath Connect