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Just like the conventions industry, signage has taken a giant leap toward the digital future, and EventPath is proud to offer a variety of digital signage options to help make your event a success.

Digital signage provides venues and meeting planners with exciting opportunities for branding, digital advertising, revenue generation and attendee interaction. Adaptable video screens, sized appropriately to be seen from all angles throughout the venue, are used to showcase important information about current and upcoming events. From custom video and LED walls to interactive displays and meeting room signage, all of which can be utilized indoor and outdoor, digital signage provides rich digital content in place of traditional static signage.

Digital Signage Networks

Deliver high-impact messages in critical locations with our large-format video walls, projectors and exterior LED signage. Our technology maximizes color, resolution and playback. If you can imagine it, we can display it.

Portable Digital Displays

Portable display units can convey valuable event details and way-finding information. They can be optionally fitted with a charging shelf to gives your ads a captive audience when attendees need to top their mobile devices’ power.

Dispensing Units

Attendees can charge mobile devices onsite with our sleek, touch-screen battery dispensers. Choose to offer them for free, or through a paid or prepaid model. Linkable to digital signage, way-finding signage or interactive games and captures data for future marketing purposes.

Mobile App

Give your messaging more mileage, keep your attendees on the pulse of things and make advertising mobile with the EventPath app. Available on iOS and Android.