• Digital Signage Networks

The Power of Being Seen

Digital signage networks from EventPath give you the power to display media-rich content across your venue, from fixed LED signs and video walls to temporary large projections. Our innovative technology enables you to broadcast high-resolution, eye-popping visuals with completely smooth playback. Beyond looping messages, you can also display advertising, way-finding messages and giveaways – with full capabilities to integrate social media and interactive games, too. And with our easy web-based management system, you can control your messaging in real-time and leverage the power of comprehensive reporting.


Our fixed digital signage networks offer:

Customization to your specific venue

High-resolution display

Real-time web-based controls and reporting

Integration with battery charging stations

Interactive capabilities

Social media tie-ins

Powerful branding

Way-finding and promotional opportunities

Options including video walls, projections, external LEDs, meeting signage and single screens

Fixed Digital Signage


Video Walls, Projectors, and External LED:

  • Size customized to your venue
  • Customized power requirements
  • Communications configured on-site

Meeting Signage and Single Screen:

  • Size customized to your venue
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • 110 vac power required

Signage projection