• Dispensing Units

More Power, in Every Sense of the Word

EventPath offers customizable dispensing units for your venue or events, complete with touch screens that enable further messaging and interactive opportunities. Give your brand more mileage by customizing the dispensing unit with your brand logo and colors. Distribute branded promotional items with our dispensing units to use for lead generation or to offer guest amenities like portable battery packs, mobile device chargers, cables and others. The unit can be set up to charge different prices per product or to give out promotional items with the ability to capture data that gives marketers valuable leads and powerful insights.

Whether you are venue management, an event professional, or an exhibitor, EventPath by Smart City Dispensing Unit can be made to fit your needs.


Our portable dispensing units offer:

Convenience for attendees

Full digital signage capabilities


Data capture

Lead Generation

Flexible payment options

Revenue models for venues

Sleek displays that can be fully
branded to your event

Unbranded dispensing unit


  • 84” tall and 24” in diameter

  • 2” X 4” plastic packaging tubes

  • 110 vac power requirements

  • Wireless communication

  • Customizable dispensing unit shells

  • Giveaway distribution

Battery Pack